Jameson IPA Edition

I actually picked up this bottle of Jameson IPA Edition the first time I went to find Jameson Orange. The Jameson Orange was already gone, so I picked up this IPA Edition as a consolation prize.

The IPA Edition is finished in IPA beer barrels for a crisp, hoppy finish that puts a nice citrus twist on the classic Jameson offering.

Jameson IPA Edition
IPA Edition

The Nose

I poured a nice dram into a Glencairn Glass and let the aroma fill the bowl. The nose has a very distinct citrus and hoppy scent that fades into classic Jameson at the end.

The Palate

Those hoppy, citrus notes continue right on into the tasting. The front of my tongue gets all classic Jameson, but as soon as the sip reaches mid tongue I pick up citrus that turns to a very pronounced hops on the finish.

The Score – Jameson IPA Edition

For me it is a nice change up over classic Jameson, which is my go to Irish Whiskey for budget sipping, but I’d say its not better or worse. It is just as good, just different, which means this IPA Edition is scoring an 80/100.

If you like IPAs, you will love this rendition of Jameson.


Golden brown.


40.0% ABV


  • Nice twist on classic Jameson.
  • Great training for new drinkers as the nose isn’t too subtle. If you compare this to standard Jameson it is easy to pick out the differences, even for new drinkers.


  • If you are not a fan of IPAs, you might not like the citrus, hoppy finish on this sipper.
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