On The Rocks Knob Creek Old Fashioned

I picked up this mini bottle of On The Rocks Knob Creek Old Fashioned pretty much on a whim. They had a rack of them by the check out and I’d never seen them before. It said Bourbon, so I grabbed a bottle.

On The Rocks Knob Creek Old Fashioned
On The Rocks Knob Creek Old Fashioned

I’m not a huge fan of Knob Creek Bourbon’s to be honest with you. When I reviewed Knob Creek Small Batch it scored a 49/100 but I’m happy to say this makes a much better mixed drink.

I poured some ice into my Yeti Lowball Rambler and pre chilled the cup before dumping it out. I then filled it about an inch of the way up and held the cup to nose.

This premade Old Fashioned has a sweet fruity nose. That burnt sugar and char I didn’t like so much in the base bourbon mixes well as an Old Fashioned. It likely also benefits from being diluted down to 35% ABV, compared to 50% for the Small Batch.

The palate is a pleasant woody char followed by sweet. If you like a sweet mixer, you will love this On The Rocks Knob Creek Old Fashioned. If your like me, and can’t have a lot of sugar, this mixer might not be the best choice for you.

I did enjoy sipping this Old Fashioned, but by the second tumbler I had a headache, which is what too much sugar does for me. I literally don’t eat any sugar or carbs, so this my just be a “me” issue.

The Score – On The Rocks Knob Creek Old Fashioned

If it weren’t for the headache, On The Rocks Knob Creek Old Fashioned, would have scored a 90 as a mixed drink, but for me the headache brought that score down to an 83/100.

Basil Hayden’s Manhattan95$30 / 750mlManhattan
Balcones Lineage Manhattan92$40 / 750mlManhattan
Blade And Bow Manhattan90$50 / 750mlManhattan
On The Rocks Knob Creek Old Fashioned83$15 / 350mlOld Fashioned
Fistful of Bourbon Manhattan80$40 / 750mlManhattan
Death’s Door Manhattan74$40 / 750mlManhattan
Wild Turkey Manhattan73$30 / 750mlManhattan
Knob Creek Small Batch Manhattan69$30 / 750mlManhattan
Maker’s Mark Manhattan65$30 / 750mlManhattan
Redemption Bourbon Manhattan53$30 / 750mlManhattan
Stillhouse Black Bourbon Manhattan50$20 / 750mlManhattan
Agitator Kentucky Bourbon Manhattan49$35 / 750mlManhattan
Breaker Manhattan35$55 / 750mlManhattan
American XXX Born Bourbon Whiskey Manhattan35$25 / 750mlManhattan

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Whiskey Places – Peddler’s Village Cock N’ Bull

We made our annual trip to Peddler’s Village and had dinner at the Cock’n Bull Restaurant. My wife and I always enjoy heading out to Lahaska, but this was our first visit since Covid-19.

Our server was amazing, and she was running like mad to deal with a lot of tables, so keep in mind that the Cock’n Bull seemed short staffed and they were really busy.

I had two drinks with dinner. The first was a Manhattan, which is my usual go to drink.


Based on the menu, the Cock’n Bull Manhattan is Rittenhouse Rye, Carpano Antica, and an amorosa cherry.

Cock’n Bull Cocktail Menu

Sadly, this Manhattan tasted like bourbon with ice. There was no real flavor, which is actually the reason I moved on to order an Old Fashioned as drink two.

Cock’n Bull Old Fashioned

Do you notice anything about this Old Fashioned? It is almost clear. How did it taste? Well, like sugar water with a twist of orange in it. If there was bourbon in this Old Fashioned it was just a tiny splash.

I’m giving the Cock’n Bull a 26/100, and that is mostly a courtesy as I have had a few good meals here, and they are getting bonus points for being open during Covid-19. Being as expensive as it is, I expect high quality meals and drinks from a restaurant like this. As it stands currently though, the Cock’n Bull is in the “Will Never Go Back” if I’m looking for good Whiskey.

PlaceLocationScorePrice ScaleDrink
Cinder BarClarksboro, NJ96High CostManhattan
Saltgrass SteakhouseOrlando, FL91Moderate CostManhattan
The Irish WhisperNational Harbor, MD90High CostIrish Whiskey
McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood & SteaksNational Harbor, MD80High CostManhattan
The Dead RabbitNew York, NY75High CostMultiple
Iron Hill BreweryWilmington, DE71High CostKentucky Connection
Cadillac RanchNational Harbor, MD70Moderate CostMultiple
Harry’s Savoy GrillWilmington, DE67High CostManhattan
Ted’s Montana GrillNewark, DE66Moderate CostNewly Fashioned
Creekside InnWoodstown, NJ65Low to ModerateManhattan
AlewifeRichmond, VA63High CostManhattan
roanokeChicago, IL55High CostBlack Manhattan
Blue Line Lounge & BarChicago, IL53Low CostManhattan
Da AndreaNew York, NY50High CostManhattan
Iguana CafeChicago, IL45Moderate CostManhattan
The Greene TurtleNewark, DE40Moderate CostManhattan
Restaurante Montserrat ManorPunta Cana, DR35High CostManhattan
Dave & Buster'sDeptford, NJ30Moderate CostManhattan
Cock'n BullLahaska, PA26High CostManhattan
Old Fashioned
The Brass TapNational Harbor, MD25Moderate CostManhattan
Carrol's Creek CafeAnnapolis, MD21High CostManhattan
Big Fish GrillWilmington, DE10High CostManhattan
The LegendNew Castle, DE5Low CostManhattan
TGI FridaysNew Castle, DE1Moderate CostManhattan

Cost Scale

Up to $30 per person – Low Cost

$31 to $50 per person – Moderate Cost

$51 and above per person – High Cost