Mixed Drinks – Redemption Bourbon Manhattan

I was not overly impressed with Redemption Bourbon when I first reviewed it. It had a lot of rough edges and it was not a whiskey I’d drink neat. As a sipper Redemption Bourbon scored a 40/100, making it fit to make mixed drinks with. Read the full review here.

Since it didn’t make the cut as a sipper, let’s see if Redemption Bourbon can redeem itself in a classic Manhattan.

Redemption Bourbon Manhattan

This bottle of Redemption was sitting on a shelf for a while after I tried it neat. That’s problem because my wife gets mad at me if I have bottles overflowing from the bar. With no other choices, I figured I’d better polish the bottle off, no matter how much I didn’t like it the first time around.

I went in with a little concern that a Redemption Bourbon Manhattan wouldn’t be much better than the base whiskey. Thankfully, the vermouth did its magic and smoothed out a lot of the rough edges and helped line up some of the positive notes in the base whiskey. The sweetness and maybe the volume dilation that the vermouth added took the harshness off the Redemption and allowed me to appreciate more of the vanilla and spice. I’m not a huge fan of rye though, so the vermouth may also help round out those rye notes that I’m just not programmed to like from the start.

When making a Manhattan, this Redemption Bourbon jumped 13 point, bringing it to a 53/100, which is a respectable 32.5% increase. While it is better, it still leaves this Redemption Bourbon Manhattan in the “If I had Limited Choices” category.


  • Smooths out most of the rough edges the straight bourbon had.
  • The sweetness of the vermouth mixes with the hard edges of the Redemption and turns it into a nice mixed drink.


  • Even with the vermouth, this Manhattan has a little bit of burn going down the throat.
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