Agitator Kentucky Bourbon Manhattan

My original review of Agitator Kentucky Bourbon left me less than impressed. As a sipper it scored a 50/100. That put it in Mixers or On Ice territory. It is only a $35 bottle but I still hate to poor booze down the drain just because it isn’t Sip Worthy.

That is when I break out my Vermouth and see if making a Manhattan will boost the score a little.

I used my standard recipe for a Manhattan, mixing bourbon to vermouth in a 2 to 1 ratio.

I tried this Agitator Manhattan with, and without Orange Bitters.

Agitator Kentucky Bourbon Manhattan
Agitator Kentucky Bourbon Manhattan

I was thinking the red wine finish on this Agitator bourbon would pair well with vermouth and make an amazing Manhattan.

Boy, was I wrong. What I was hoping would become a nice pairing of red wine and vermouth, turned out to clash, and badly.

Agitator Kentucky Bourbon Manhattan Scoring

I’m giving this Agitator Manhattan a 49/100, put it in Just Bad territory.


  • If you like cheap whiskey with strong red wine notes, this might be for you.


  • The red wine finish from the Agitator clashes with the vermouth.
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