Breaker Manhattan

Breaker whiskey scored a 29/100 as a straight up sipper. That is not a great score and put it in the Just Bad category. What do I do with bottles that I don’t enjoy straight or over ice? I make Manhattan’s with it! My first problem with this bottle being used for mixed drinks is its price. At $55 this bourbon is punching way under its weight. Still, it has sitting lonely and untouched on a shelf until I was desperate and didn’t have a lot of other options. So into a Manhattan it goes.

Breaker Bourbon Whiskey

So how was it?

Well, it did help the base whiskey, but the end is still really rough. I used my normal ratios of two parts bourbon to one part vermouth and shook vigorously before pouring into a Yeti Tumbler. I was hoping the sweet vermouth would help smooth out some of the rough edges on the bourbon but it only helped a little bit.

Scoring – Breaker Manhattan

Sadly, the vermouth didn’t help this Breaker much, and only added 6 points to its overall score, giving this Breaker Manhattan a total of 35/100 points, meaning it just barely helped this Whiskey get into the If I Had Limited Choices Category.

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